Happy New Year

Happy New Year.  My New Year’s resolution is to blog more. Considering I produced only one blog post last year, this is a “no-fail” resolution.

I am personally touched and deeply inspired by the civil unrest of these past few months. These last five years I have been personally exploring issues of race and class privilege as it relates to my life, and my study of nonviolent parent education and child raising. I feel so connected to all those who see troubling problems in the world; and excited to hear liberated voices as people are speaking up, standing up and turning out. I am excited to see what changes will come. I know that my consciousness has been raised, and I feel less afraid, and more willing to act and speak out. I am starting by making “micro-changes” that will be sustained and long-lasting. My first action of the New Year is to create the curriculum for the upcoming Holiday Art Camp (see below) to celebrate the work of Martin Luther King Jr.  Have a Happy New Year, sincerely, Laura Krug, Art Zone founder.


Registration Links: Hermosa Beach   West LA

DESCRIPTION: Celebrate peace, love and music on Martin Luther King Jr. day at our signature peace camp.  Drop kids off ages 3 and up.

With the events of 2014 Police Protest and BLACK LIVES MATTER ringing across the nation it is apparent that we are living in historic times and creating significant attention towards our unfinished business in the Civil Rights Movement. At today’s camp children will learn about the incredible strides we have made and the work that they will face that still needs to be accomplished. We will make Peace and Justice Art Projects as we discuss past and current events. We will raise empathy, inspire compassion, and celebrate our shared humanity. Expect a really loving and fun day for all.

Music, Dancing, Play and more. A fun and peace making day will be enjoyed by all.

Pizza, Pasta and Snacks are included.  We are a nut free studio.

Suggested further reading: All About Love by bell hooks; Wikipedia Stokey Carmichael whom Tavis Smiley calls the most under-appreciated and misunderstood civil rights activists; and listen to music and read about the history of The Temptations, who’s music was generated during the heart of the Civil Rights Movement of 1960 – 1970’s:  Ball of Confusion (That’s What The World Is Today)

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