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At Art Zone, we provide a fun-filled and exciting arts-bases environment, where we strive to nurture children’s creativity, experimentation, and the joy of artistic discovery. Art Zone offers many opportunities for budding artists, aged 18 months and older, to create by themselves or with their favorite adults in tow. We’re open seven days a week. Our classes range from regularly scheduled sessions for preschoolers to spontaneous drop ins for Art-Play fun.Parents can even drop off the kids on a Friday night for three hours of Art-Play that’s more fun than dinner and a movie.

About Owners

Julie Hernandez is one of the passionate owners of Art Zone, where creativity knows no bounds. With a heart deeply rooted in art and a dedication to nurturing young minds, Julie’s journey began as a teen at Art Zone, where her love for teaching art to children blossomed. Now, as the owner, she channels her expertise and contagious enthusiasm to ignite the imaginations of budding artists, fostering a vibrant community where every stroke of the brush tells a story. Join Julie on an artistic adventure where curiosity meets creation, and every child discovers the joy of self-expression through the colorful world of art.

Julie Hernandez
Laura Villaneda

About Laura Villaneda

Meet Laura Villaneda, the nurturing force behind Art Zone, blending her expertise in child development and Family Life Education with a decade-long tenure at the heart of Art Zone since 2014. As a devoted mother of two, Laura’s passion for working with young children and their families is deeply ingrained in her every endeavor. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she fosters inclusivity and connection within her bilingual community, enriching every child’s experience with the universal language of art. Join Laura on a journey where creativity meets care, and every brushstroke is guided by the warmth of family-centered learning.
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