March 2017

Creative Freedom

I think kids favorite part of Art Zone is when they are free to just make whatever they want. Lots

Mixing and Stiring

A staple of toddler sensory play. Learning through experimentation and the senses.

Chalking it Up

Look at those butterflies pop! Pastel chalk drawings on black paper. We feel proud when the kids feel proud:)

Masterpiece Birthday Parties!

Art Zone offers magical fine arts projects in our Masterpiece Birthday Party packages – the theme options are endless! Here

Goo Waterfall

Love hearing the giggles and excited anticipation as they watch the Goo Waterfall makes its twists and turns

Recyclables Make Amazing Stamps

What went into making these beauties? Some bubble wrap, shaving cream can lids, strawberry crates, marker caps, and rubber bar

Scrap Wood Tinker Time

Scrap wood, glue, paint, and some cardboard – all you need for an awesome (colorful) tinkering session. So much joy

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