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At Art Zone, we provide a fun-filled and exciting arts-bases environment, where we strive to nurture children’s creativity, experimentation, and the joy of artistic discovery. Art Zone offers many opportunities for budding artists, aged 18 months and older, to create by themselves or with their favorite adults in tow. Parents can even drop off the kids on a Friday night for three hours of Art-Play that’s more fun than dinner and a movie.

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We’re open seven days a week! Our classes range from regularly scheduled sessions for preschoolers to spontaneous drop ins for Art-Play fun.
You can also just call us to say “Hey, can we come over to play?

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At Art Zone, we create a vibrant and nurturing arts environment for children aged 18 months and older right by the Hermosa Beach, California. Open seven days a week, our classes cater to preschoolers and offer spontaneous Art-Play sessions.

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3 MARCH 2022
3 MARCH 2022
3 MARCH 2022
3 MARCH 2022
3 MARCH 2022


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